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Having a shitty day? Not nearly as shitty as Ruxin’s once Rafi swings by. Here’s a sneak-peek at tomorrow’s episode.

Is it weird that I want to shampoo Jason’s hair with Garnier Fructis?


Interspecies Intermingling of the Day: Anuska and Sadie, the real-life Tod and Copper, are inseparable according to their owner Brian Bevan.

The art teacher says he adopted the eight-month-old kit from a farmer who took her and her eight siblings in after their mother was run over.

Bevan says Anuska loves playing catch and jumping around just like his ten-year-old Jack Russell terrier, so it’s no wonder the two took to each other immediately.

“The second we introduced Anuska to Sadie they got on really well and played happily together,” he said. “There was no hostility, they took to each other brilliantly.”


As far as the best thing ever to be shown on TV this is second only to the Angels winning the 2002 World Series.

(Source: myniecetorple)

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